Finding What Size Fan for Bedroom That is Best For Us

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We may want to create something unique more in our bedroom by decorating the ceilings with other stuff like this fan but we need to find the correct of what size fan for bedroom so it will turn out perfectly. At least there fur type of fan size and the beneficial good the fan can be for our room.

The Ceiling Fan Size Things
As what has been mentioned before there are four types of blade span that exist. We can choose one of the spans that look good for our room. Starting from the small one is the blade span with 29 inches to 36 inches. This span can be used for bathroom, breakfast nooks, and even utility rooms. The room size should be up-to 75 sq.ft.

Then, the next size is 42 inches to 48 inches that can be good for bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room. It is for 175 sq-ft room size. The third size of blade span is 52 inches to 56 inches that will look good for large bedrooms, family rooms, and media rooms. This is for 350 sq.ft room and the last one is 60 inches or larger size for ceiling fans for high ceilings that look good for great, large, and spacious room.

Description: What size fan for bedroom that we should have depends on the size of the room that we have. The bigger we have for the room then the larger blade span we have for ceiling fan.

what size fan for bedroom
what size fan for bedroom

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Finding What Size Fan for Bedroom That is Best For Us


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